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I don't know what was happened,
and also don't know how to solve this problem ..
I never had an argument with her, but why she is so?
help me to solve this problem please .. I really didn't like this situation..
thanks to her friends who did not make this more complicated..

4 luahan hati mereka:

SheY PuLL said...

eh adik...kenapakah kamoo?
adik ok x nie?

Kaoru to Kaori said...

who is she???

ridhwan said...

kaoru to kaori..
she is me..aww..~

--PopCorn-- said...

shey pull: tak de pape... hehe biase la kehidupan.. cerite sem lps... tapi die dah takde dah... huuhuhu

kaoru to kaori: she is sum1.. hahahaha

ridhwan: amboii.. ble wat pmbdahan?? jadi ppuan lak eh??? hahahaha

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